Chien Chung Wei Watercolor


Masters Road 大師之路

三重奏 Trio 57×32 cm 1999
There are several masters who win my deepest admirations: for example J.M.W. Turner, Thomas Girtin, John Sell Cotman, Winslow Homer, and Edward Seago.

Turner challenged the boundary and possibilities of the “beauty in form” for his whole life, which can be evidenced by the differences between the delicate and classical techniques at his young age and the majestic wash and wild brushwork after his middle age. In my mind, Turner is like Beethoven in the watercolor world. While Girtin and Cotman (sometimes I just put them together and call them “the G.C. style)”

made powerful light and dark patches with additional layers of small patches, which showed me how to maximize the power of the painter with minimal amount of details and also made me realize that the multiple layering of color patches is the real soul of watercolor. Homer’s plain subjects and techniques proved to me that you don’t really need some high-level techniques to accomplish world-class masterpieces. And Seago’s works taught me about “the noble and controlled elegance” in a picture.

By standing upon the shoulders of giants, I hope I will create some works that are comparable to those masters here in my hometown within the rest time of my life. In this way, even if I don’t manage to make world-class masterpieces, at least I guarantee that that every moment during my exploring journey for the true values of painting, until the last minute of my life, is full of happiness and surprises.

(Translated by Tingyi Jiang)

在我心中有幾位水彩大師,深深的令我敬佩不已,例如J. M. W. Turner、Thomas Girtin 、John Sell Cotman、Winslow Homer 和Edward Seago 。

Turner從年輕時的精緻古典技法,到中年以後氣勢磅礡的渲染與狂放不羈的筆觸,一輩子勇敢挑戰繪畫"形式美"的極限與可能性。在我心目中,Turner的地位就如同古典樂的貝多芬。Girtin與Cotman(有時我會戲稱〝吉科風格〞),這兩位塑造簡潔有力的明暗塊面,加上乾淨俐落的小塊重疊,讓我瞭解如何用最少的細節表現最大的能量,深刻體會到"重疊法"才是水彩畫的靈魂。 Homer親切的題材與樸實的技法,讓我醒悟水彩畫根本不需要操作多少高難度技巧,也可以成就世界級大師水準。 Seago的作品,讓我看到什麼樣的水彩畫叫做『高貴而節制的優雅』。



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