Chien Chung Wei Watercolor


Pursuing Perfection with Paint Brushe

失落的世界 A Lost World  105×57 cm 1997

I often term my watercolor works around age 30 as “the classical period."

At that time, what fascinated me was not the delicate and realistic skills in classicism, but the “noble and moderate elegance." To pursue this elegance, I wanted my every single stroke to be precise and exquisite so as to reach perfection, just like how Glenn Gould played Bach. After more than ten years, I at age 45 am no longer making those “classical and realistic paintings", but still striving for this “noble and moderate elegance" in the picture.

It has become the main painting principle that I always emphasize not only in my own watercolor creation but also in my teaching. People may like the delightful atmosphere, and the light-shadow effect, or adore the neat strokes, and the succinct composition in my current paintings. Yet I know clearly in my mind that the now free and unfettered, nimble and clever painting brush in my hand, is the same brush that used to work with such strenuous efforts for perfection more than ten years ago.

(Translated by Tingyi Jiang)






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