Chien Chung Wei Watercolor


Why do I paint?為何而畫?

智慧之果 Fruit of Wisdom 51×36 cm 2002

When a student paints just to finish homework or to pass an art exam, it must be painful.

When a professional artist paints just to earn money, I can imagine it must be even more painful.I am not making a high-flown but impractical statement. Just imagine a person sitting at the desk like a fool, frowning and looking from the left, right, up close, far away, adding a touch here and there, being afraid that too many strokes make the painting messy, too few make it empty….Sometimes this fool gets up and dances when a procedure is performed successfully, but more often he is filled with regret and discontent because a section of the painting has failed.

I believe that the only one reason a person would sit in front of his easel tirelessly and stupidly for hundreds of hours is simple—the motivation to create an interesting, beautiful painting full of personal style.This simple motivation is what propels a person to the level one has only been dreaming of.(Translated by Arianne Guan Toleno)






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